5 Orlando Juice Joints You’ll Love


by Alexa Schmidt, MS, BCN

Whether you’re new to raw foods or a juicing veteran, sipping your vitamins, minerals and antioxidants can be a flavorful way to give your body what it needs. Juicing can be done year round to cleanse the body, prepare and recover from a workout or even help combat a cold at the start of that first sniffle.

Finding a juice that is well balanced with fruits, greens, seeds, roots and spices is key to getting the most from that little cup of goodness. Below are some of my favorite local places where you can get your juice on!

Juice Bar

Located next door to Orlando Power Yoga downtown, Juice Bar offers the perfect options to fuel your body before or after you break a mean sweat. Favorite post-workout juice: Hail to Kale
; favorite nutrient-dense juice: Veg-O-Might. 2413 E South St., Orlando.


This cafe has great healthy food options as well as excellent juice cleanse plans. One-, three- and five-day cleanses are available, and include four juices per day plus a delicious Metaboost salad for your evening meal. Favorite juice on the cleanse: Green Energy Juice
; favorite part of the cleanse: customizable juices and salads to fit your preferences. 7600 Dr. Phillips Blvd #10, Orlando.


The East End Market in Audubon Park houses this rustic juice bar that serves up some of the most diverse and flavor-packed juices you’ll find in Orlando. Favorite juice for beginners: Bright Eyes
; favorite juice for the adventurous: Thai Hot. 3201 Corrine Dr., Orlando.

New Moon Market

This College Park juice joint may be newer to the scene, but New Moon Market has everything from simple juices to seasonal twists for you to enjoy. Favorite spring juice: Sunny G
; favorite summer juice: Good Vibrations. 2314 Edgewater Dr., Orlando.

Raw Juicing and Detox

Raw has a shop in the heart of Thornton Park in addition to serving up their juices at several Orlando-area farmers’ markets. Plus, they offers wellness shots if you’re looking for a power packed (little) boost of nutrients on the go. Favorite wellness shot: Slimming Cider
; favorite snack to accompany your juice: Power Protein with Marinated Kale. 898 East Washington St., Orlando.

Alexa Schmidt is a nutritionist and neurotherapist located in Central Florida. Visit ItComesNaturally.org to learn more about her practice.