A Farmer’s Market Feast


Sunday is Family Adventure Day in the Manieri household. Now with a three and four-year-old in tow, I’m not talking bungee jumping or hang gliding. An adventure to us is simply getting out of the house before 10am and doing something that makes us feel happy to be living in Central Florida… especially in the cooler months.

One of our absolute favorite Sunday adventures is a trip to the Maitland Farmer’s Market where a few dozen vendors set up shop around the shimmering waters of Lake Lily every Sunday from 9am – 2pm.

Besides being a great place to pick up your fruit and veggie provisions for the week ahead, this market is a smorgasbord of noshing thanks to a bevy of purveyors offering tons of ready-to-eat treats from gourmet ice pops to freshly made kettle corn. Bring cash and bring your appetite… brunch and lunch is served!

kettle corn