Edible Orlando is rooted in the notion that saving room in our busy lives and tight budgets to eat a little more local food has great benefits. Buying real food from locally-owned businesses strengthens our economy, supports Florida’s farmers and fishermen, and keeps us and our environment healthy. And when we sit down at the table with our friends and family – either at home or at our favorite restaurant – we can really taste the difference.

Publisher: Kendra Lott
Editor: Katie Farmand
Managing Editor: Pam Brandon
Kendra, Katie and Pam are all Central Florida girls in some fashion; publisher Kendra Lott and editor Katie Farmand were born here, and both are back with a passion for food writing. Kendra has a master’s degree in Food Studies from New York University and worked for Food Arts magazine in New York City. She apprenticed with the rock-star butchers at Fleisher’s Grass Fed and Organic Meats in New York’s Hudson Valley. Katie is a proud alum of the master’s program at the University of Florida College of Journalism. She has written for Family Circle and Cottage Living, and was associate editor of Victoria magazine. Her food blog, www.thethinchef.com, has garnered national recognition. Managing editor Pam Brandon has lived in Central Florida since the 1980s. She has decades of editing, writing and marketing experience, and she authors cookbooks and a kitschy recipe column, “The Divas of Dish.” We all embrace the Edible philosophy and think that our combined skills promise a dynamic, fun magazine.

Online editor: Kristen Manieri

Contributing writers: Emily Ellyn, Alexia Gawlak, Rona Gindin, Jennifer Greenhill-Taylor, Jennie Hess, Marta Madigan, Bo Morris, Bob Morris, Emily Ruff, Dixie Tate

Edible Advisory Board: Chef Nando Belmonte, Melodie Griffin, Jill Hamilton-Buss, Julie Edwards, Chef Tim Keating, Chef Jamie McFadden, Bob Morris, Julie Norris, Rebecca Reis-Miller, John Rife

Edible Orlando is a proud member of Edible Communities.