CHEF Q & A: Jared Gross, Fiorenzo


Executive Chef Jared Gross enjoys utilizing aspects of different cuisines and cultures to produce a dishes unexpected combinations of both flavor and presentation. At Fiorenzo at Hyatt Regency Orlando, chefs in the open kitchen char steaks, chops and seafood in the wood-fired oven and prepare classic Italian dishes such as tuna Livornese and bucatini Bolognese.

What’s your favorite local restaurant other than your own (and why)? Hillstone in Winter Park. Always consistent food quality, excellent team service and you can’t beat the views, especially enjoying an after dinner drink outside by the lake

What’s your go-to meal at home? Grilled white corn arepa with fried egg, chorizo, cilantro, avocado and spicy sour cream. I use a wire rack over a gas burner to grill the arepa and give it the toasted taste. Once you flip it to grill the second side add cheddar cheese to the top so it melts while the bottom is toasting, then layer all other ingredients on top

Where do you shop locally for interesting ingredients? Lotte Korean Market, Trader Joe’s and Lucky’s Market.

Which kitchen gadget could you not live without?  A wire cooking rack to place over the flame of the gas burner for heating tortillas and arepas. It gives them a nice toasted and charred taste without needing to fire up the grill or oven.

What was your favorite bagged lunch as a kid?  I am a huge fan of peanut butter, so PB and J was for sure my favorite.

What’s your most guilty junk-food pleasure?Pizza and potato chips.

What 3 things are in your fridge at all times? Garlic, because everything tastes better with garlic; eggs, one of the most versatile ingredients in any kitchen; and beer, because I am a Chef.