CHEF Q & A: Chastity Harvey, The Whiskey


Chastity Harvey is the Executive Chef at The Whiskey, a favorite on Sand Lake Road and beyond for its award-winning burgers, elevated pub classics and killer cocktails.

What’s your favorite local restaurant, other than your own?Wa Sushi in Casselberry is a creative powerhouse of Japanese cuisine. The space itself is very minimalist, low on decor. They spend all of their time concentrating on execution, plating, and everything that is significant in this artful cuisine. It’s the place that if I could, I would eat at every single day. It’s a hidden gem.

What’s your go-to meal at home? I am a steak and potatoes kind of gal. Sous Vide at 135 for 2.5 hours, seated off, wild mushroom reduction on top, scalloped potatoes with Brie and Gruyere. Simple, delicate and palate pleasing.

Where do you shop locally for interesting ingredients? Asian Markets! Absolutely! Dong A, IFresh Market on 50. The majority of the grocery shopping I do personally is within these markets. They offer a wide variety of ingredients, not just Asian.

What kitchen gadget can you not live without?Sous Vide (Circulator): it gives me the opportunity to focus on the other many facets of a meal, focuses on the flavor of the protein and adds natural flavor elements without the excessive use (or loss) of cooking oils/butters/herbs.

What was your favorite bagged lunch as a kid?I was a huge fan of Harriet the Spy in the late 90’s. So, aside from dawning a spy regalia as my hero, I had the “Harriet special” as my father use to call it. Two slices of white bread, mayo on 1 half and 1 of the biggest tomatoes, left whole, smooshed onto the bread. Every single day from 4th grade to 7th grade.

What is your favorite junk-food pleasure?ICE CREAM!!! All of the ice cream. I don’t think I’ve met an ice cream I didn’t like, but I can definitely tell you my go-to guilty pleasure is Kelly’s Homemade Ice Cream in Orlando. I am obsessed; double churned, gelato, sorbet, with nuts, without, fruit based, savory, I want them all!

What 3 things are in your fridge at all times?Garlic, heavy cream and mushrooms.
Garlic is the staple in almost every dish I create; the flavor just rocks my world!
Heavy cream: from my coffee to my cuisine it has a place in my heart. Adds a creamy consistency without altering the flavor. A dash will do at times, and has added depth to dishes when lacking a little ooopmh. Mushrooms! My favorite thing and something I eat daily. From king oyster, shiitake, portobello, chanterelles, morels, and the list goes on. There isn’t a day that my fridge isn’t graced by this beautiful and extremely flavorful fungus!

Anything else would you like to share?I’m a kitchen ninja, Virgo, former athlete, cancer survivor, scrabble queen, I should be sponsored by Kitchen-Aid, loyal, hockey addict, wine enthusiast, sushi lover, and I’m still learning everything else.