Cool Quench for Summer


This May, Seeds Natural Market in Winter Garden unveiled a new juice bar loaded with freshly made beverages from wheat grass shots to avocado-infused smoothies. With the temperatures soaring, I checked in with owner Sharon Williams to see if she would dish on her favorite summertime juice. She was more than happy to oblige.

“We just created a juice called Summer Sensation, which is made with watermelon, coconut water, and mint,” Sharon says. “Watermelon and coconut are high in electrolytes, which make the drink hydrating. Plus the high potassium in watermelon makes it very rejuvenating. And the mint adds a nice flavor.” Sharon suggests using raw coconut water, if you can. “It’s not pasteurized and so it has much more nutritional value and it’s less sweet,” Sharon says.

Another perk of this juice is that you don’t need a juicer to make it; just toss the ingredients into a basic blender and mix for a few seconds.

seedsThe juice bar, which is closed Sundays, is a natural extension of Sharon’s commitment to helping families get off processed foods. “In order to continue that mission, we opened the juice bar with the hope that we could introduce people to clean food that tastes fantastic.” Besides the bar and a bevy of fresh and packaged food products, Seeds Natural Market offers tasting classes and cooking classes throughout the month.

“We’ve done a gluten-free class, and we’ll be doing a “Benefits of Juicing and Raw Foods” class on Thursday, July 25, at 10am & 6pm. We also do an occasional impromptu juicing class on Saturdays,” says Sharon, who suggests people follow Seeds Natural Market on Facebook to stay updated and to RSVP for events.

In the meantime, Sharon is an open book when it comes to her juicing recipes. “If a customer tries something they like, we’ll pull them behind the bar and show them how to make it.”

Sharon has also created a three-day juicing cleanse that Seeds now offers. With 24 hours advance notice, she’ll whip up a series of juices with a 5 to 7 day shelf life, including almond milks, citrus blends, green blends, and detox teas, all of which are ideal for a stand-alone cleanse or as a supplement to a heartier cleanse centered on broths and salads. Cost is $180.