Curbside Pickup in Winter Park


In an effort to increase curbside business for retailers and restaurateurs, the Chamber of Commerce, City of Winter Park and Park Avenue District are collaborating on an initiative to make curbside pickup in Winter Park easier. curbside to go

Large, colorful, branded signs will anchor each pickup zone, all featuring a white peacock. In fact, “Look For The White Peacock” is what the city will encourage everyone to do as they make curbside pickup plans.

The signs will be numbered so businesses can ask customers to pick up food or merchandise at a specific zone. Customers can text when they arrive, and delivery can be made as seamlessly as possible.

Pickup zones will be in targeted locations throughout the city, featuring a white-peacock sign and teal-colored curb. Areas in the program include: Park Avenue, Hannibal Square, Winter Park Village and The Shoppes of Aloma.

More will be added as needed. As a bonus, each participating business will be given attractive inserts to include in their to-go orders and purchases that will promote this effort, map curbside pickup zones and feature outdoor dining areas in the city’s parks.

This content was provided by The Central Florida Tourism Collective, a group of like-minded tourism interests united in wanting to give their followers and visitors a reassuring message of life here in the heart of the Sunshine State.

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