Dandelion Community Cafe postcard protest


With the unique challenges 2020 has brought, Dandelion Community Cafe has created a postcard protest that provides locally-designed postcards and pays postage for anyone who wants to send messages to their government leaders.

“With COVID-19 all around us, I felt a lot of people that would normally protest were nervous – understandably. I started brainstorming ideas to get involved without large crowds, and almost immediately I knew I wanted to make postcards,” explained co-owner Cheryl Blanc. 

The are four postcard designs: No Justice No Peace, Love Wins, Healthcare is a Right (pictured above) and We Will Not Be Silenced. Each are free to use and send, and the site includes information about who to reach out to depending on the issue. Dandelion Cafe enlisted the skills of local designer Erin Nolan to bring the postcards to fruition. They can be found at the cafe for anyone to pick a card or two (or ten), write a message, pick a legislator and drop it in the box provided. 

The designs are also available online if others would like to host a postcard station. Go to www.dandelioncommunity.com/postcards for the templates as well as printing information.

About Dandelion Cafe:

Dandelion Community Cafe has been a favorite Central Florida plant-based dining destination since 2006. It is home to Orlando’s longest-running open mic night, Diverse Word, as well as host to drum circles, art installations, and gardens at its iconic green bungalow in the Mills-50 neighborhood. Dandelion’s employees believe that ethical fare, authentic community and exemplary actions can bring positive change to our hometown. 

For recipes for plant-based dining–including one from Dandy’s own Chef Mark Thompson–be sure to grab a copy of our Summer/Fall Issue, out August 15.