Dining Out Right


When it comes to eating healthy at home, my family probably gets an A+. But when it comes to eating out, I’m not sure we score quite as high. The fact is that at home I can control things like the ingredients we use in recipes and the types of snacks we have on hand in the pantry. When we’re out, however, we just don’t know how our choices are prepared plus we’re not always tempted towards the menu’s healthiest options.

Florida Hospital’s Healthy 100 initiative aims to make this process easier on me and other health conscious folks by unveiling their Florida Hospital Healthy 100 Approved designation.

A meal that is Healthy 100 Approved will have no more than:

* 35% of calories come from total fat (Exceptions: salmon, avocado, nuts & seeds, hummus, which are good fats)

* 7-10% of total calories from saturated fat

* 100mg of cholesterol

* 3-4 teaspoons of sugar

* 700 mg of sodium for an entrée or 300 mg for a side dish.

It also has at least 3-5 grams of fiber, uses whole grains (if possible), but does not use any trans-fat.

The Healthy 100 scoured our local dining scene to compile some of the best options at more than a dozen local eateries. The list even includes ideas for healthy noshing when you’re hitting your next food truck event.

Highlights include the Don Carlos Taco at Cocina 214, the Turkish Bulgar Salad and Pea Soup at White Wolf Café, the Seared Salmon Crystal Roll at Sushi House Orlando, and the Southwest Quinoa Salad at The Citrus Club.

Want to recommend that your favorite healthy dish be added to the Healthy 100 Approved list? Visit www.healthy100.org/contact and submit your details.