Malai Methi Chicken with Chef Sajan Prem


Sajan Prem is executive chef at Tabla with locations in Winter Park and near International Drive. Taste the World is a video series collaboration between Edible Orlando magazine and healthcare consulting firm Impact Advisors.

“Taste the World” is hosted by Impact Advisors Vice President Michael Nutter and Edible Orlando Editor Katie Farmand.For the video series, Chef Sajan is cooking Malai Methi chicken with his daughter, Shivi. Find the recipe here.


Malai is the word for cream; methi is the word for fenugreek, one of the staples of healthy Indian cooking. Malai Methi Chicken was considered a “luxury dish” when Chef Sajan was growing up. Bitter when raw, cooking transforms fenugreek, which gives a sweetness and depth of flavor to saucy dishes.

Fish also works will as the protein here, and vegetarians can substitute cubes of paneer or other other mild, fresh cheese. To source the ingredients, visit our Global Grocery Guide.