Pasta Carbonara with Fresh Corn


This fresh twist on pasta carbonara comes courtesy of Chef Brandon McGlamery of LUMA on Park, Prato and Luke’s. Like so many traditional Italian pasta dishes, the classic version makes use of what’s prevalent in the region–in this case, cured pork and hard cheese like Parmigiano-Reggiano. Chef Brandon’s take incorporates fresh Florida corn. Sweet corn is in season right now at Long & Scott Farms, get there early before they sell out. Be sure to swing by Lake Meadow Naturals for some eggs, too–with so few ingredients, you’ll want for them all to shine.

Check out Chef Brandon’s video tutorial on our Facebook page. We’re sharing videos and recipes from local chefs in our new series, What Chef’s Actually Cook at Home.

Pasta Carbonara with Fresh Corn

serves 4

10 ounces long pasta, bucatini or whatever you have on hand

4 to 6 slices of bacon, diced

4 egg yolks, beaten

1/2 to 1 cup freshly shaved parmesan

2 ears fresh corn, kernels cut off and cobs reserved

salt and pepper to taste

freshly chopped parsley for garnish (optional)

Bring a large pot of salted water to boil and cook pasta until al dente and reserve pasta carbonarasome of the pasta water. Meanwhile, in a skillet large enough to hold the pasta later, render the fat from the bacon over low heat until bacon is crisp. Reserve half of the fat or enough to coat the pasta.

Combine egg yolks and most of the parmesan in a large bowl. Add a splash of the pasta water to temper, stirring constantly. (Or live on the wild side and watch the video for one-pot instructions.) Toss cooked, drained pasta in the pan with the bacon and bacon fat until well coated. Add corn kernels and, using a microplane grater, grate the reserved cobs to get some of the milk. Toss to combine.

Transfer to bowl with the parmesan and egg mixture and stir constantly until creamy, adding reserved pasta water as needed. Add salt and pepper to taste, and serve warm garnished with parsley and remaining parmesan.

pasta carbonara