Peruvian Mule


Also known as the Peruvian Mule, the Chilcano is a refreshing cocktail made with Pisco, a high-octane brandy with herbal notes. The Pisco Sour, Pisco Punch and El Capitán are other classic Pisco cocktails; we like the Peruvian Mule for its simplicity, because nothing should be hard right now. This cocktail recipe comes to us from our friends at Papa Llama, who like all of us could use a drink. We think it’s perfect for spring and summer sipping, and pairs beautifully with the sassy t-shirt that Papa Llama is selling to benefit Second Harvest Food Bank.

Chilcano (Peruvian Mule)

The shirt’s design is by local artist Steve Parker.

serves 1

ice cubes

1 lime wedge

2 ounces Pisco

6 oz ginger ale, chilled

Into your fanciest glass, drop a few ice cubes and squeeze the lime wedge. Drop in the spent shell. Pour the Pisco directly onto the ice and fill up with cold ginger ale. Give it a gentle stir, being careful not to disturb the bubbles too much. Sip and enjoy with a good sunset.