The Quest for the Holy Growler: Week 5


Summer’s over. Carbs are in. Celebrate the end of bikini season with a five-weekend, fall-inspired pour tour on the Central Florida Ale Trail.
by Amy Drew Thompson

This is Week 5 of a five-week series. For Week 1, click here; for Week 2 click here; for Week 3 click here. For Week 4, click here.

Central Florida Ale Trail map (click to enlarge)

Week 5: Core Pours

Ellipsis Brewing

Tactical Brewing Co.

Redlight, Redlight

Ivanhoe Park Brewing Co.



Out by MCO, Ellipsis is making a name for itself, particularly among fans of New England IPAs. Tactical was opening its doors in Baldwin Park at press time, as was Ivanhoe Park in Ivanhood. Redlight, Redlight added its own beers to the vast menu offerings several years ago.

Ten10’s Wallace has been watching the trail grow. Whether tourists hit two or three, then take the map home as a souvenir, or locals chip away at the list with the prized growler as incentive, he says it matters not.

“People are drinking our beers. They’re talking about our city as a beer destination. And if they’re local, they’re encouraging their friends to come out and support us.”

You may begin this fall quest with intent that, much like one’s enthusiasm for pumpkin beer, may fade before fall breathes its last. But, fear not. This passport doesn’t expire. Unlike the tourists whose time here, like their summers, is sadly fleeting, your hoppy harvest can last as long as you like.