Recreational Fishing in Florida


Florida’s waters offer up plenty of space along with the promise of fresh catch. If you’re interested in recreational fishing in Florida, many of the fish management areas maintained by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission are still open. Be sure to check the status of your intended fishing destination on their website before you go. According to the FFWC, if you cast a line or catch and release, you need a fishing license; answers to frequently asked questions about the proper licenses for recreational fishing in Florida can be found here.

If you’d prefer a guided tour on open water, the folks at, an online booking platform based in Winter Garden, are offering last-minute deals  through the end of April. In our Spring Issue, contributor Rona Gindin highlights six Florida fishing charters that offer a range of experiences. Learn about all of them via her article in the digital edition along with tips on when to go, what to expect and what you’ll catch. With any luck, your foray on the water will yield enough fresh catch to try out a new recipe.


Recreational Fishing in Florida

Blue Water Fishing offers charters all over Florida.