Simple Holiday Feast for Four


Holiday celebrations will be a lot smaller this year, but there are still several ways to make the meal festive and fun for everyone and go easy on the host.  All the classics — turkey, sweet potatoes, cornbread and cranberry — star in this easy holiday feast for four created by Chef Jes Tantalo of Redlight Redlight (pictured second from left with the EO team of Kendra, Pam and Katie).  The smaller menu has some unexpected flavor takes that will elevate your holiday gathering, and most of it can be prepped in advance and prepared outdoors so that the cook can relax and enjoy, too.

Make the whole menu using the game plan below, or swap out the sides or the bird with heat-and-eat options from area eateries. And no matter what you put on the table, be sure to follow our tips for hosting a healthy holiday gathering.

Make The Day Before

Florida Citrus Salt

Molasses and Sesame Glaze (use the citrus you zested for the salt)

Maple Mustard Dressing

Florida Cranberry Glaze

Cornbread (use your favorite recipe or go for store-bought)

Same-Day Game Plan

Remove glazes and dressing from fridge.

Portion cranberry glaze and citrus salt into individual serving bowls.

Prep turkey skewers and set aside (refrigerate if leaving out for more than 30 minutes).

Preheat oven to 425ºF; if using charcoal grill, light coals.

Cut sweet potatoes and turnips, place on separate sheet pans and set aside.

Cut cabbage and cornbread wedges, set on separate sheet pans and set aside.

Roast sweet potatoes and turnips (enlist a helper to remove when done).

Grill cabbage, and then turkey skewers while veggies are in the oven.

Plate turkey skewers; plate and dress sweet potatoes and cabbage.