Spätzle with Cheese and Onion


As a part of Edible Orlando’s series “What Chefs Cook at Home,” Orlando-based Chef Christine Weissman prepares a trifecta of satisfaction: spätzle with cheese and onion.

Spätzle (german egg noodles) are tender but springy, and they’re a perfect blank canvas to which you can add just about anything. Traditionally, spatzle is topped with meat gravy and are found in the cuisines of southern Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Hungaria and Alsace.

The combination of salty, nutty hard cheese and caramelized onion is rich and satisfying — comfort food in a bowl. Plus, it’s easy to make. Chef Christine uses a German spatzle board or a spatzle press — you can use a potato ricer for a similar effect.

You can get the recipe here. Spatzle with Cheese and Onion

While it could be the main part of your meal, spatzle is usually served as a side dish, as Chef Christine says in the video. It would make a perfect partner for schnitzel, roast chicken, braised meat (like pot roast!) or a bone-in pork chop.

Don’t forget a glass of good wine. We think a rosé would be a lovely pairing.