Tomato Martini


Part of Edible Orlando’s series “What Chefs Cook at Home” — Chef Phillip Ponticelli concocts a sublime tomato martini.

You may be thinking…tomatoes? In a martini? But if you enjoy the flavor of a beautiful, fresh tomato, then you’ll love this drink. Chef Phil creates a clarified tomato water that provides the essence of the tomato without bringing too much acidity to the drink.

You can get the recipe for the tomato martini here.

Though it might seem like a lot of work for a drink, it really comes together pretty quickly. The longest part is allowing the tomato puree to strain overnight in the refrigerator. But hands-on time is less than 10 minutes!

Chef calls for Roma tomatoes, but really any delicious, ripe tomatoes would be perfect for the tomato martini. Florida’s tomato season begins MUCH earlier than the rest of the country’s — in fact, many producers start seeing tomatoes on the vine in early Spring and hydroponic tomatoes (like the ones from Waterkist Farm) are ready by midwinter, if the weather is mild enough.

This drink would be terrific paired with an antipasto platter or a pizza (Pizza Bruno, anyone?). It would also be delish with this Zucchini “Pasta” with Mint-Basil Pesto.