What Chefs Cook at Home


*Update January 10, 2022*

While restaurants were closed during the beginning of the pandemic, we wondered: what do chefs cook at home? What’s good to drink? And what does Brandon McGlamery’s personal cutting board (pictured above) really look like?

The answer: Lots of comfort food. (Carbonara, cheesy spatzle, and pound cake oh my!) Definitely some cocktails (including one made with tomatoes…) and very rarely any difficult techniques or intimidating ingredients. Chefs…they’re just like us! (Who knew?)

We know our cooking has changed quite a bit over the past two years, for reasons ranging from lack of ability to get certain ingredients to downright lack of appetite.

Of course the pros cook from the hip all the time, so we asked some chef and sommelier friends to share videos and write down the steps for the rest of us.

Check out our Videos page for the series. Learn some new tricks and — perhaps best of all — peek into the actual home kitchens of the chefs you know and love.